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Printable flash card making tool for teachers and parents

Teacher's Assistant

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"Teacher's Assistant" is an web application that I developed as my Capstone Project during my BrainStation coding bootcamp. Inspired by my experience as a former teacher, I set out to create a solution that simplifies the process of creating teaching materials while offering an intuitive and user-friendly experience for educators and parents.

images/ta-home-preview Designed using Node, React, Express, and MySQL, Teacher's Assistant empowers teachers to effortlessly generate downloadable teaching material PDFs, including worksheets and flashcards. Having spent countless hours crafting teaching materials myself, I understand the need for efficient and user-friendly tools that allow educators to unleash their creativity while saving valuable time.

I am proud of the accomplishments that have been made with Teacher's Assistant. Within just two weeks, I successfully designed and built the application, implementing key features such as user authentication and file upload and storage functionality. This ensures that teachers and parents can securely store and retrieve their teaching materials whenever needed.

Deploying Teacher's Assistant on a virtual server hosted by Digital Ocean marked a significant milestone in the project's development. Overcoming various challenges, such as time constraints and the need to familiarize myself with new technologies and libraries, I dedicated myself to extensive research and learning. This enabled me to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to overcome obstacles and successfully bring the project to completion.

While the project has achieved significant milestones, I am excited to share that there are ongoing updates planned to enhance its functionality even further. These updates include transitioning to TypeScript, which will improve the codebase's maintainability and type safety. Additionally, I am in the process of integrating Prisma as the new ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) tool, providing a more streamlined and efficient data management solution.

Furthermore, the updated version of Teacher's Assistant will introduce exciting new features, such as image storage options, allowing users to incorporate visuals into their teaching materials. I am also expanding the selection of PDF templates, offering users a wider range of design options to create visually appealing and engaging teaching materials.

As a software developer, I am committed to continuously improving and expanding the capabilities of Teacher's Assistant. By incorporating these updates, I aim to create a comprehensive tool that meets the evolving needs of educators and parents.

I invite you to explore Teacher's Assistant in my portfolio and witness its current functionality. By showcasing Teacher's Assistant, I aim to demonstrate my proficiency in developing scalable and adaptable web applications while highlighting my dedication to ongoing learning and improvement.

Stay tuned for the future updates of Teacher's Assistant, where I will bring new features, enhanced usability, and an even more valuable resource for educators and parents.