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Project Description: InStock - Full-Stack React Inventory Management System

InStock is a simulated project completed during my participation in the BrainStation coding bootcamp. It served as a comprehensive demonstration of my ability to work effectively as part of an Agile team while developing a full-stack inventory management system for a simulated Fortune 500 client.

As a member of the Agile team, I played a crucial role in the development of InStock, with a primary responsibility for implementing the forms functionality. This involved designing and implementing user-friendly forms in the React front-end, along with performing extensive validation both on the client-side and the server-side.

Collaboration was a cornerstone of our project's success. Working in an Agile environment, we embraced frequent communication and collaboration within the team. Daily stand-up meetings allowed us to discuss progress, address challenges, and allocate tasks effectively. We leveraged JIRA and the Scrum board to track our project's progress, ensuring transparency and accountability among team members.

Within the team, we fostered a collaborative mindset, constantly sharing knowledge and supporting each other. Regular code reviews and pair programming sessions helped maintain code quality and encouraged continuous improvement.


After completing the bootcamp, I was selected to be the Teaching Assistant (TA) for the subsequent cohort. In this role, I had the opportunity to refine my skills further. One of my key responsibilities as a TA was to refactor the InStock project to meet updated requirements. Notably, I refactored the backend to utilize MySQL instead of data stored in JSON files, improving data management and efficiency.

As a TA, I also took on the role of Scrum Master for the InStock project. This involved facilitating the Agile processes, organizing and leading the team's sprints, and ensuring that the project was on track and delivered successfully.

InStock exemplifies my technical proficiency in refactoring and adapting projects to meet evolving requirements, as well as my ability to take on leadership roles within a team. Through my experience as a TA and Scrum Master, I further strengthened my project management, communication, and mentorship skills.

Overall, InStock is a testament to my comprehensive abilities as a full-stack developer, collaborator, and leader. It showcases my expertise in developing scalable web applications, my adaptability in responding to changing project needs, and my commitment to fostering a collaborative and productive team environment.