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Brainflix is one of the larger projects I worked on during my coding bootcamp. The project was presented to us in a series of sprints by our instructors, providing a structured approach to showcase our web development skills. Inspired by YouTube, Brainflix is a video website that offers limited functionality while emphasizing a seamless user experience.

Throughout the project, I diligently followed the instructions and guidance provided by my instructors, ensuring that all deliverables were submitted on time and according to the given requirements. By adhering to the sprint objectives, I demonstrated my ability to efficiently manage and deliver a web development project.

A crucial aspect of Brainflix was the use of Git for version control, which I embraced to effectively manage the project's source code. This facilitated collaboration and maintained the integrity of the codebase throughout the development process.

To create a visually appealing and responsive user interface, I carefully implemented the detailed mockups and designs provided. By meticulously executing the necessary changes at each breakpoint, I ensured that Brainflix displayed beautifully across various screen sizes, resulting in a truly responsive UI.


During the development process, I integrated React and React Router to establish a dynamic and intuitive browsing experience. With dynamic URL routing, users can effortlessly navigate through different videos, enhancing the platform's interactivity.

Furthermore, I implemented an upload functionality as part of the project requirements. Although it doesn't allow for full videos to be posted, it serves as a practice exercise for making a POST request. The upload functionality simulates the process of posting a video, where data is sent from the frontend to the backend and stored in JSON files. This exercise enabled me to gain hands-on experience in handling data transmission between the frontend and backend systems.


Brainflix showcases my ability to effectively implement designs, ensure responsiveness, and utilize essential web development tools. By successfully meeting project requirements, including the integration of version control and the implementation of upload functionality, I demonstrated my adaptability and proficiency in web development.

I take great pride in my achievements throughout the development of Brainflix, and I am excited to leverage the skills and knowledge gained from this project to contribute to future web development endeavors.