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Bandsite is a fun project that I worked on during my coding bootcamp. The task was to build an an information site for a fictional band. Built using vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS (with the addition of Sass for enhanced styling), Bandsite provided an excellent opportunity for me to expand my skills in DOM manipulation and front-end web development.

Guided by a detailed style guide and mockups, I meticulously followed the provided designs to ensure a consistent and visually appealing user interface. By adhering to the given specifications, I effectively translated static designs into an interactive and dynamic website.


The Bandsite project encompassed two distinct pages, allowing visitors to explore different aspects of the fictional band's information. Leveraging a mobile-first responsive approach, I prioritized a seamless user experience on all devices. By designing and implementing the website with mobile devices in mind from the outset, I ensured that the content was easily accessible and visually appealing on screens of varying sizes.

One of the notable features of the Bandsite project was the functional comment form. By leveraging JavaScript's DOM manipulation capabilities, I created an interactive form that updated the DOM in real-time upon submission.

Throughout the development process, I faced and overcame various challenges, such as ensuring cross-browser compatibility and accessibility. By employing best practices in web development and carefully testing the website across different browsers and devices, I achieved a consistent and reliable user experience for all visitors.

Bandsite stands as a testament to my proficiency in vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, showcasing my ability to manipulate the DOM and create visually appealing and responsive websites. The project allowed me to enhance my skills in front-end web development while adhering to a detailed style guide and mockups, ensuring a high-quality and consistent user interface.

I am proud of the accomplishments achieved throughout the development of Bandsite, and I am excited to apply the knowledge gained from this project to future web development endeavors.